REACH-Compliant Cobalt
Replacement Driers
DURA Chemicals has introduced the DriCAT 2700F Series of non-cobalt, high-activity oxidative driers that provide cure comparable to that of standard cobalt driers but with improved whiteness, longer wet-edge and other improvements to meet the required dried film properties of high-quality coatings. LEARN MORE
Custom Products Don’t see the product that you need among our standard products? Contact us and we will work with you to provide the exact product to meet your requirements, whether a modified product, a mixed-metal blend or a new custom-designed product for your specific application. We’re here to provide the product that you need. CONTACT US
Company Highlights Alkyd-based waterborne coatings are gaining momentum as the coatings of the future. DURA Chemicals is focusing on this technology to provide the single-metal driers and drier blends to effectively and efficiently cure these resins and provide the desired film properties. To learn more, please visit us at the American Coatings Show in Atlanta in April. We will be available in the Birch Room - Atrium Level - South Tower at The Omni Hotel at CNN Center. Please contact your Sales Representative to set up a time to meet. We look forward to visiting with you at the American Coatings show.